Optimum Performance Motorsports brings you professional services for any of your motorcycle needs. Our technicians have decades of experience working on all makes and models, with expertise in BMW and Harley-Davidson. Our Service Department Manager has been involved the racing tire divisions for Michellin and Pirelli and runs a successful shop on the south end. We strive to provide you with the most professional service possible to keep your bike running at it’s best.


We stock a variety of tires and have the ability to drop ship any tire to the shop to bring you the best in quality and options for your ride. Tire swaps, with wheels on or off the bike, cruiser, sport, etc  we got you covered! Bring us your wheels or ride up, we’ll take care of your tire needs.


Carb cleaning, oil and fluid changes, drive train hardware, such as chain, sprockets, belts, shaft drives, wheel bearings, suspension etc.  All needs regular inspecting, changing and service, which we provide.

We also provide factory specified interval services, i.e. Harley 5k, 10k, services etc, including documentation to maintain your warranty.

We provide these services for a wide variety of makes and models, contact us with any specific questions and pricing.

– Professional Rider Training – 

We also provide rider training through Optimum Performance Rider Training. At the racetrack you get the opportunity to learn how to safely improve your skills handling your motorcycle. With these skills, it transfers to safer street riding as well.

– Professional Tuning – 

Our location is shared with 2 Wheel DynoWorks. They have an in house dyno to tune your motorcycle, helping you get the most out of your motorcycle with smooth and powerful performance.